Body Treatments

Therapeutic Massage restores fluidity and health in the body diving deep into stillness.  

Massage therapy supports life’s journey. It plays an integral role in self-healing and care. Touch therapy is a comprehensive form of ancient healing; encompassing both treatment and prevention.  It’s a multidimensional practice of healing, and is designed to treat the physical, spiritual, and emotional planes.

Too often I see clients that neglect their own needs by placing others’ ahead of themselves. This perpetuates an unhealthy cycle of stress, tension, and depleted energy. Through years of experience and learning, I customize various massage techniques and ancient energy healing practices tailored to your recovery and rejuvenation. Together we can begin to restore your health and create sustained balance in the body.

Body Therapy Treatments

In the Flow

$90 for 60 min and $140 for 90min. Wave-like strokes gently lull you into a deeply meditative and healing state as we access the fluid field. This relaxing massage integrates/drawing from Swedish, deep tissue, Thai. Listen to the tidal rhythms of your body to further understand yourself and what you need. This massage leaving you feeling nourished and invokes a deep sense of relaxation.

Hot stone

$95 for 60 min and $145 for 90 min. Experience this soothing healing ritual that blends the ancient medicines of the Earth with the sacred art of massage therapy. Heated stones will then line the body to begin relaxing tired, sore muscles. This ceremonial stone journey will not only leave you feeling more grounded and spiritually connected but relaxed and renewed as well.

TMJ (Temporomandibular joint)

30 min for $50 The masseter muscle is the fleshy muscle attached to the underside of your cheekbone. Made up of a web of interconnected muscle layers, it is one of the most powerful muscles in the body. When massaged properly, it can bring relief from many of the symptoms associated with TMJ syndrome. If over-tightened or clenched, the masseter muscle can cause many  complications, such as vertigo, tinnitus, headaches, earaches and toothaches.  This specific massage facilitates fascial unwinding and deep physical release.


 $90 for 60 min or $135 for 90min This energy healing massage gently balances the flow of life-force energy throughout your entire being, while stimulating your body’s natural healing abilities to restore emotional wellness, mental clarity, and physical well being. Feel yourself becoming more energized as you reclaim your power and return to center.

Happy Feet

60 min for $85 and 90 min for $135 Starting with warm herbal foot soak, there are small areas of the hands and feet that correlate to specific muscle groups or organs of the body. 

Four hand massage

Together, using simultaneous, rhythmic motions, two therapists unravel your body’s deepest layers of tension. We pull the tightness out of your limbs by stretching and massaging in unison. Our four hands create a blissfully relaxing massage like you’ve never experienced before.


Cups are applied to the skin with suction and moved to drain excess fluids and toxins in the lymphatic system, loosen adhesions, and lift connective tissue, bringing blood to stagnant skin and muscles. Contracted, congested muscles will soften quickly and the nervous system is sedated.

Pelvic care Massage

Geared towards people who want to identify with the feminine; who want to expand/ explore their feminine ground. As part of your healing experience you will be gently guided inward to reconnect with stillness in your body’s wisdom.  “Your creative essence is a powerful current that flows through you. Rather than shaping or defining your creative energy by external factors (careers, partners, children, past experiences, and so on), you can work with the creative flow directly in your center.”- Tami Lynn Kent author of Wild Feminine.

Lomi lomi Flow

$90 for 60min and $140 for 90min.  Long, flowing, dance-like strokes with gentle stretches and joint rotations.

Infrared sauna

Infrared saunas are an effective tool for natural healing and prevention. Infrared light has the ability to penetrate human tissue which in turn produces a host of anti-aging health benefits making infrared saunas one of the “hottest” therapies for overall healthier living.

Add Ons

Body scrubs and wraps

** all of these treatments begin with soothing body brushing to exfoliate the skin and stimulate circulation. Shower is provided
Your skin is the largest organ of your body and our treatments are designed to detox, exfoliate, hydrate and replenish. All of these are hand crafted made in house by Stefania.

Salt & Clay Body Scrub

Salt stimulates Circulation, Exfoliates & Remineralizes the Skin

Pure Sea Salt and combine to create a healing body scrub to stimulate circulation leaving your skin feeling silky smooth and your body fed by nourishing sea minerals. An integrative massage completes this treatment

Clay Body wrap

Healing clay paste is generously applied. Enveloped in a clay cocoon, your skin gently pulsates as toxins are drawn from your system. An integrative healing massage completes your treatment. Bentonite Clay, which is volcanically formed in an ancient sea bed, is featured in this treatment.

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